Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tribute to Cecilia Sörensen

Long ago, while flicking through a Spanish fashion magazine, an article caught my eye. There was an interview in it that helped the readers to get to know better a Finnish designer that sold her clothes in a shop in Barcelona. Her name is Cecilia Sörensen. She talked a bit about the differences between Spain and Finland. Then, I told my friend Carla about her. She also loved her personal, casual and smart style. After wondering if sending her an e-mail would be right or not we made up our mind and finally sent it. We thought "oh, she might not reply to us, Gaudí Catwalk designers don't seem to waste their time on stuff like that". To our surprise, we were wrong. She quickly replied to our e-mail in a friendly and thankful way. Since then, we keep getting e-mails from her that tell us the news about her shop, her new collections, exhibitions, etc.

Here is the link to her website, where you can check where the shop is. It's a shame that the collections are not in the website. However, you can find some useful information.

¡Mucha suerte con las próximas colecciones y tus otros proyectos, Cecilia!


HANNAH-ZOË said...

wow how exciting that she e-mailed back!
thank you for your lovely comment, feel free to add m link (:

Finding Sören said...

Yeah, it was so exciting and really unexpected!

Added :)