Thursday, August 21, 2008


In our city, high temperatures are unfortunately, too common in summer. That evening was no exception. Carla was trying to fing the perfect shoes to wear at a wedding. She had already bought the dress and finding a pair of peep-toes/sandals that matched seemed much easier than it actally was. After having visited all the shops we have in the city (which are more than a few) and having her feet with a thousand blisters, she found them.
This peep-toes were degined by Pedro del Hierro (a Spanish designer) and were bought at Cortefiel. The heel are quite high (around 12 cm) and they are not made of leather. Have a look at them!


Anonymous said...

qué bonita la primera foto!

lettuce :)

maba said...

muy buenos! y qué partidazo le va (vais) a sacar!!!

tessa said...

really nice shoes!

Cloe said...

Son preciosos!!
Y muy altos!!