Saturday, January 17, 2009

Four days are never enough

Going abroad and having the chance to spend four whole days in a city is brilliant. However, time always goes by too quickly when you feel at ease and there are plenty of things to visit. That's what happened to me in Oxford.

Thinking I would have too much time, I looked for interesting addresses on the Internet. I found the kind of vintage shops I don't get to shop at where I live, and wrote their location down. Once in Oxford, I kept procrastinating until it was too late. So it's sad to admit that I could only see Unicorn and other appealing shops from the outside. So, all my excitement about coming back with bags full of relics never came true. I did though WINDOW-shopping. That's all.

Despite having no luck with all the vintage items I planned to buy, I did find lovely shops. One of them, whose name is Northlight, delighted me with many Scandinavian designers' thingies (from home stuff to clothes). I bought a Marimekko bag and socks with the exact same pattern for just 38 pounds. I'll try to post some pictures soon... Some other purchases were: English collocation dictionaries, DVDs, a dress, a body scrub, dark chocolate + orange Harrod's biscuits, presents for my family...

Note to myself: Never again leave your purchases for the very last moment

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